“With Matthieu, you know you’re always going to get good creative out of the box.”

David Grant
President of Popsugar Studios

“Matthieu is one of my favorite people to work with in this town. Smart and thoughtful with a great eye for the creative… and always goes the extra mile to get the job done right. I don’t know why anyone would willingly work with anyone else!”

Michael Roiff
Producer, Night and Day Pictures (“Waitress,” “In Your Eyes,” “Save The Date”)

“I was producing in LA a commercial for Telecom Italia, a very famous telecommunication company in Italy. Matthieu directed, shot and edited one of the best behind the scenes that we ever did: he has a very personal and good eye in his camera work and the music he chose was perfect. Both Agency and Client were very happy with the final result. He is a skilled and patient person especially in difficult situations. A great person to work with.”

Alessandro Cavriani
Producer at Mercurio Cinematografica (Italy)

“Matt is not only a fantastic editor but possesses the necessary technical skills to solve problems when they arise. This is an extremely valuable skill set to have in this day and age to have someone who thinks technically outside of the box. He’s quick, methodical, fast and efficient, and developed the workflow for our latest TV series that worked flawlessly. Therefore, I do not recommend Matt in any way. I’d like to make sure he’s not tied up with other jobs when we need him.”

AJ Carter 
Producer/Director, Smooth Motion Media Group 

“Matthieu has produced a number of video projects for us and we have been delighted with the results and the quality of his work. He is an accomplished pro with an exceptional eye, complete technical knowledge, and great skill with the camera. He always offers creative solutions and additions that add flair and style to what we originally had in mind. A great team member, and always fun to be with as a colleague, we highly recommend him.”

Chris Fager
Owner of ZesterDaily.com